Retirement and Resignations

Thoughts from Michael Unverricht, Rainbow Club president

Well, I did it! Last month I said I would retire and Wednesday 13 February was my last day of work. I took Eugene and my two sisters to my farewell on the following Friday. Guests were invited to come dressed as an historical figure; fictional or non fictional. The most ancient person represented was a beautifully dressed Cleopatra. King Richard and Queen Victoria were also present along with other well known figures associated with recent times. I went as Ali Baba from Arabian Knights. I was accompanied by Imustav Aleek, one of my thirty-nine thieves.

The next task on my 2019 “to do list” is to retire from Otaki. Eugene has been offered a position in Whanganui Hospital which he takes up on 8 April 2019. In the meantime we are in the process of selling our home in Otaki and looking for a place to buy in Whanganui.

From retirement we go to resignations.
I mentioned at the last Rainbow Club AGM that it is my intention to resign as Club President this year. I have always maintained that such positions should be for a fixed term and I think that after three years in the role it is certainly time to step down for someone else to steer the Club over the next few years.

Committee member Craig Smaill and secretary Ron Walton will also be standing down. This means that at the forthcoming AGM In April, 50% of the committee are standing down and need to be replaced.

Where will these replacements come from?
The continued camaraderie of the club is sustained by the president and the committee. In order for this to continue, members must think seriously about putting themselves, or other club members, forward for election. With the Notice Of Meeting the secretary will email nomination forms for your consideration. Each nomination will require a seconder. 

What is the commitment of being a committee member? 
None of the committee roles is arduous or time consuming. We have found that three meetings each year is enough as there is always the option for communication via email or phone. Committee meetings centre around arranging venues for monthly socials, discussion around finances and membership plus any issues brought up by club members.

The role of the secretary centres around keeping the mailing lists up to date, dealing with enquires from guys interested in joining the club and organising the committee meetings.

The compilation and distribution of the monthly newsletter is currently under control.

As club president I have been able to get to know many members at a more personal level rather than just knowing them by name. I have felt honoured when club members have confidentially shared aspects of their personal lives with me and privileged when I have been able to assist them in any way.

The committee asks all club members to make a special effort to attend the AGM which is seen as the catalyst for the following year’s activities