The Rainbow Club - constitution

1. The name of the Club is the Rainbow Club

2. The purpose of the Club

Our Club was formed in 1992 to bring together gay and bi-sexual men in order to support each other and to socialise.
We respect member’s confidentiality.

In order to ensure that the Club remains true to its foundations it is important that all members take ownership by involving themselves in all facets of our activities. 

3. Who is eligible to join? Gay and bi-sexual men over the age of sixteen. 

4. Joining the Club

4.1 Before making a commitment to join a prospective member may attend two Club events as a guest.

4.2 A prospective member will complete in full and sign an application form prescribed by the Committee from time to time. By signing the application form the prospective member agrees to abide by the Constitution.

4.3 The name of a prospective member will be published in the Club’s newsletter together with a note asking members to notify the President regarding any good and valid reasons they may have as to why the prospective member’s application should be declined.

4.4 After one month from publication of the prospective member’s name in the Club’s newsletter and on recommendation of the President, the Committee may accept the application for membership. 

5. Annual Subscription The annual subscription payable in respect of the ensuing year commencing 1 May shall be decided at the Annual General Meeting on initiation of the Treasurer.

6. Management of the Club

6.1 At each Annual General Meeting the Club shall elect a Committee which shall comprise a President, Secretary, Treasurer and not less than two or more than four committee members.

6.2 The Committee may co-opt additional members as required.

6.3 The Treasurer shall operate a Club bank account under the guidance of the Committee.

6.4 The committee as a whole has the responsibility of managing the affairs of the Club. 

7. The behaviours of members

7.1 Members are expected to follow the Constitution of the Club. 

7.2 Many Club socials are held at the homes of Club members. These homes and their contents are to be treated with respect.

7.3 Members who wish to bring guests to Club socials are obliged to ask the host of the day for permission to bring a named guest.

8. Misconduct

8.1 The Committee has the power to reprimand or expel any member who contravenes this Constitution or whose conduct is not within the spirit of the Club. 

8.2 Any member who is expelled may appeal the decision in writing to the President. The appeal will be considered by a former president of the Club engaged by the Committee for the purpose. That former president will report his finding to the Committee who will reconsider their decision and notify the appellant of the outcome within 20 working days.

8.3 Any Member who is expelled can reapply for membership after 12 months, using the same process as for new members .

9. Winding Up 
Should an Extraordinary General Meeting resolve that the Rainbow Club winds up; any funds will be distributed by the Committee to the Malaghan Institute of Medical Research

- 6 April 2017